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Demand Side Management

MERC enhanced its internal capacity by creating a dedicated DSM Cell within the organization in early 2006, in order to ensure compliance with the Commission’s directions and to facilitate the regulatory process in the context of Energy Efficiency (EE) and Demand Side Management (DSM) activities Maharashtra Electricity Regulatory Commission (MERC) notified following two Regulations

a) Maharashtra Electricity Regulatory Commission (DSM Implementation Framework) Regulations, 2010 on 26 April 2010
b) Maharashtra Electricity Regulatory Commission (Demand Side Management Measures and Programmes' Cost Effectiveness Assessment) Regulations, 2010.

Some of the pilot programmes approved by Commission are:-

  • T-5 FTL program;

  • 5 star Ceiling Fan(CF’s) program;

  • Window A/C program;

  • New Split AC Program;

  • Thermal energy Storage program;

  • 5 star rated refrigerator program;

  • Demand Response program;

  • Energy Audit;

  • Gas water heater;

  • Load Survey/Research;and

  • Agricultural pump DSM .